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Offshore Development

With Jonaren Technology Pvt. Ltd., offshore outsourcing becomes easy and reliable, because we are a dependable company and we always support the customer with all our efforts. We bring exceptional value to our clients through lowered cost of website and software development services, outstanding quality, reliability and customer service.

Desktop Application Development
Desktop applications that are much in demand today, include back up/restore applications, multi-media presentation applications, database applications, image processing applications, desktop search applications, financial calculator applications, customer relations management applications, windows installer packages and many more.We provide our services for the Desktop Application Development for the Windows and Linux Operating System. Our programmers are equipped with state of the art technologies to accomplish customer requirements at a very high level. We usually use C++ to develop our most of Desktop Applications however we can’t ignore the Rapid Application Development environment of Visual Basic. We are also well equipped with latest Java Technologies if Platform-Independence is what you are looking forward. Our developers have proven record of successful development and deployment of many Desktop Applications.

Rich Internet Application Development
Jonaren Technology is a prominent name in the field of Rich Internet Application RIA development, on which you can rely upon for your need for web applications that have the features. RIAs run in a web browser and transfer the processing necessary for the user interface to the client keeping the bulk of the data back on the server.
RIA Platforms we work on:
Adobe Flash/Flex, Adobe AIR, JAVA Applets, JavaFX, AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), Microsoft Silverlight
Our RIA Services portfolio includes:
Rich Internet Web 2.0 Applications , Business applications , e-Commerce portals , Mobile applications , RIA testing , RIA consultancy.

Database Application Development
Database Application Development is the widest and biggest area in Software Development Industry. We are specialized in Database Application Development. Our analysts, developers and deployment mangers have extensive experience of accomplishing a database solution. Their extensive experience also helps our customers to improve their System, Processes and Procedures. Offshore Database Application Development is really a challenge for our professionals as they can’t visit sites and see things by their own eyes. However they have proven to be the best by accomplishing many Offshore Database projects with extremely satisfied clients. We usually use Visual Basic (VB6 & VB.NET), Visual C++ (VC++ 6.0 & VC++.NET), C#, Java and Visual Foxpro (VFP 6.0 & 7.0) for database front-ends while MS Access, MS SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL at the back-end.

Jonaren‘s web specialists translate your dreams into a website, who understands your needs and wishes. For establishing your corporate existence on the internet, JONAREN has widespread web development skills and proficiencies. We have developed a wide range of successful solutions for our extremely satisfied clients. Our experienced web professionals have developed web solutions in past using languages: PHP, ASP, ASP.Net, JSP, HTML, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, CGI, and Microsoft SQL, Oracle, Microsoft Access, and various other databases. Also our team has used Media to develop solutions as Multimedia Flash, Xara 3D Mx, Swish Mx, Macromedia Fireworks, Quick Time, Windows Media and Real Audio.

E-Commerce Solutions
Electronic-Commerce is not merely concerned to technology, it concerned to handle business transactions electronically over the Internet. Why the e-business transformation is inevitable for any corporate, who wants to enjoy the heights of victory? Internet technologies can play role in any corporate for massive returns on investment by improving productivity, shorten product’s time-to-market or improving customer service. Jonaren is a leader in analyzing, designing, implementing, deploying and supporting excellent e-commerce solutions. JONAREN provides e-business solution on time with minimum budget, and with maximum concentration on unique immediate and future requirements of your business.Our adept e-solution developer has proficiency in creating all types of web solutions e.g. B2B solutions, B2C solutions, web portals and many others.

Offshore Project Management
For JONAREN, project management unlocks the door to excellence and success. It allows us to deliver our promises to customers and gives them an axis upon which business agility can be built. It provides the flexibility to change and move with the times. In the face of intense competition, the ability to deliver our promises, innovate with speed and efficiency and make changes quickly is the key to sustained success. JONAREN follows every rule of project management to facilitate our customers. It makes a project systematic, smooth with in given time frame. We always keep speed and accuracy as key factors while managing any project.